Ideal Nutrition Lecture Kit - Powerpoint ONLY


It’s simple. We go to healthy populations – populations that have:

  • no cancer, heart disease, chronic illness or mental illness
  • no prisons or mental institutions

and find out what they eat.

This has already been done. In the 1920s and 1930s, the man who has been called the “Charles Darwin of nutrition,” Weston A. Price, DDS, traveled to 14 isolated populations all over the world that still ate traditionally. He also went to their neighbors who had adopted “modern” foods. His world renown research revealed what the ideal nutrition for humanity is – to give us healthy lives and healthy children.

In this PowerPoint presentation – Ideal Nutrition for Optimal Health – Dr. Tedd Koren draws from Price’s discoveries to reveal what we should and should not eat and drink.

This powerful presentation is one badly needed by everyone who has to eat. Is there a solution to devitalized, de-mineralized, refined and chemically treated foods? Must we eat a chemical feast or can we choose health?

Along with Dr. Tedd Koren’s childhood vaccination, swine flu and flu presentations, this is a presentation all patients (and all chiropractors and their families) need to watch. 

Lecture kit includes:

PowerPoint Presentation

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