Chiropractic Patient Education Brochures


Wellness Series

The classic brochures that forever raised the standard of chiropractic patient education have been updated by world-renown Chiropractor and Educator Tedd Koren, D.C. and given a stunning new look. Forty-five scientific and philosophical, referenced and up-to-date brochures present you, your practice and your profession in the best possible light. Create excited patients who understand and value your care, stay under care and refer friends and family. Four easy-to-read, intelligently well-written panels contain sufficient detail to educate along with enlivening graphics and photos. See what they can do for your patients and your practice!

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Chiropractic Lifestyle Collection

Educate and inspire your patients with this collection of brochures that convey the message of healthy living through chiropractic and natural healthcare.

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Vaccination Collection

Educate your patients with up-to-date information on the dangers of vaccination to make sure they are informed before they make this vital health decision.

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Koren Specific Technique

Save yourself time, stimulate referrals and help your patients understand and value the care you provide. These clearly written, reader-friendly brochures explain Koren Specific Technique and the important healing phenomenon known as retracing as well as typical patterns that can be identified and corrected by KST.
Available for Koren Specific Technique trained practitioners.  

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