Eating for a Healthy Life: A ketogenic & detoxifying diet

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If you missed the live event, we have good news ...
     the 4 DVD set is now available!

Over 5 hours of life-changing information -
that you, your loved ones and patients will be able to use every day for the rest of your lives to promote health, healing, detoxification, nourishment and regeneration -
from Dr. Li-Chuan Chen, world-famous health researcher, toxicologist and medical intuitive.
Not only will this information save and improve lives, it will also make life more enjoyable. Beth and I have experienced first-hand Dr. Chen’s cooking skills and with special guest KST chef Ron Borolla, private chef to Hollywood celebrities, working with Dr. Chen, you are in for a treat. You’ll get recipes Dr. Chen has developed to create superfoods that will taste good and cleanse you of heavy metals and toxins, and promote regeneration of all your body systems. 

Dr. Chen’s promise:

You will be amazed. You’ll have a bright smile on your face knowing you can cook and eat well. Ron and I combine the Ketogenic diet, Nourishing Traditions, the principles of the Gerson diet and other therapies starting with bulletproof coffee-Dr. Chen style.

Learn tools that will last a lifetime including:
  • Making a quick, satisfying, tasty and nutritious breakfast for adults and kids alike.
  • Making a satisfying lunch in 10 minutes or a more elaborate meal. 
  • Making a rich, nutritious and healing vegetable and bone broth for the evening.
  • Everything you wanted to know about fat but are afraid to taste.
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