KST Doctor's Starter Set

Save yourself time, stimulate referrals and help your patients understand the care you provide.

These clearly written, reader-friendly brochures explain KST and the important healing phenomenon known as retracing as well as typical patterns that can be identified and corrected.

KST Doctor's Starter Set includes 550 brochures:

     100 of Koren Specific Technique
     100 of KST & Retracing
       50 of KST & The ArthroStim™
       50 of KST & The Cranial Bones
       50 of KST & The Hump Pattern
       50 of KST & The Panic Pattern
       50 of KST & The Posture of Subluxation
       50 of KST & The Sphenoid Pattern
       50 of KST & The Occipital Drop NEW!

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