KST Practical Applications Prerelease

New KST Practical Applications eLearning Course

This new eLearning course will take you step-by-step through the onboarding process as well as how to streamline your KST Practice. This is a must for anyone New or looking to improve their operating procedures.

This course includes:

  • Acknowledgements:  variations in how people want to practice
  • Congruency:  Vital for how we practice
  • Office look and feel.  What does your office pace say about you?
  • Patient paperwork
  • Consultation
  • the Exam  
  • Transition to KST
  • Adjust what you find.
  • Wrap up your first visit
  • 2nd visit processes
  • Report of Findings:  out of date process or vital
  • Let’s talk money
  • What next?  “case management”  Care plans and frequency
  • Technique tips and tricks for weird adjustments
  • Use of analogies to make a point
  • How to monetize your services
  • MLM’s and the benefit to the doctor
  • Advertising?
  • Patient communication to make a change
  • Plus more content

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