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MBH01 – Focus on Sunlight, sunscreen and tanning:  Emphasizes the benefits of Vitamin D, which is a proven anti-cancer agent, builds strong bones, fights depression, and much more.

MBH02 - Focus on Ideal Nutrition for Optimal Health:  This report draws from Weston A. Price’s model of nutrition and explains the benefits of eating a ‘traditional’ diet in comparison to those that have adopted ‘modern foods’ diet. His world renowned research revealed what the ideal nutrition for humanity is - to give us healthy lives and healthy children.

MBH03 - Focus on Chiropractic: Natural Healthcare from Within:  Why aren't more people going to chiropractors? Why aren't more patients staying in care and referring more people to you? Because they don't know what you know.  This report helps clarify the benefits of chiropractic and natural healthcare. 

MBH04 - Focus on: Alzheimer's Disease (AD): Is it inevitable?:  What is the cause of AD? Is there a cure? Is it true that AD is a new disease? Can AD be halted? Can it be reversed? What is the chiropractic position? Find out the hidden secrets of Alzheimer's disease in this powerful new Myth Busting Report that every patient you are seeing needs to read....

MBH05 - Focus on Cancer: Is there a cure?:  Why has cancer jumped from one in nine thousand to one in two in barely a hundred years?  What has changed in our environment? Is cancer a death sentence or an opportunity to "clean up your act?" This report focuses on the myths surrounding cancer.


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