Therapeutic Bath Bombs

My Story

Hi! I’m Isabelle and I'm a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Health Coach with a passion to share the power of natural healing and holistic health. My personal journey with natural health started while I was fighting Chronic Lyme Disease and Coinfections for nearly 13 years. During some of the hardest days the only relief I was experiencing was from Essential Oils. Over those years I created blends that helped with nearly every symptom I was experiencing and in order to avoid harmful chemicals or fragrances or anything in my personal care items that could be toxic has been replaced with Essential oils.

I created my own set of bath bombs and perfected my recipe to make epsom salt baths more fun. I made blends to soothe body pains of all forms. As I started sharing some of my favorite products the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. That’s when I knew it was time to share them with the world! My mission is to make health and healing an empowering, deep-rooted experience. Most importantly, I’d like to add some fun, love and light to the journey to good health!

Stay Health,
Isabelle Esposito