Tedd's EZ *Silver* Practice Builder

You're busy seeing patients and want to build your practice.  We're here to help - with our NEW EZ Practice Builders! Designed to complement your care and create lifetime patients who refer their friend and families.

Tedd's EZ *Silver* Practice Builder includes the following patient education materials:

(25) Chiropractic Bringing out the Best in You! - B721
(25) Wellness Report Folders - WRF03
(25) Chiropractic Wellness: Health from within - B300
(25) Your Body...The World's Greatest Drugstore -  B301
(25) The Vital Connection: Your Spinal Column & Nervous System - EVC01
(1) Wellness series brochure starter set - 5 of each of 45 titles - EW445
(1) Lifestyle Collection brochure starter set - 5 each of 7 titles - EIBR-SPEC5
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1+ $320.05 $199.95 each

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