Chiropractic Lifestyle Collection Sample Pack

5 of each of 7 brochures

What to Expect When You're in Chiropractic Care Our newest brochure briefly answers many of the questions that new patients have about chiropractic care: the many reasons people seek chiropractic care, what chiropractors do and what an adjustment is, what to expect after an adjustment and why to stay in care as well as the basic philosophy of chiropractic. 

Wellness: The Hidden Gift of Illness This can be the most important and useful brochure your patients will ever read. Understanding that symptoms serve a purpose teaches respect for the wisdom of the body and the dangers of suppressive care. These powerful concepts are explained simply and easily in our latest patient education tool. Use it to open people’s minds to the beauty of chiropractic philosophy.

Kids & Chiropractic: As Perfect Together As Bees & Honey documents the many ways children can benefit from wellness chiropractic care throughout their growing years. Teach your patients how to give their children the healthy start that will carry them into adulthood.

Educate your patients about the effectiveness of chiropractic care for the whole family from infancy to adulthood, Chiropractic: whole body, whole family healthcare. 

Coach your patients to healthier lifestyle choices that will support your care and maximize their health with our new brochure, 8 Ways to Wellness.

New patients often need encouragement as they make healthcare decisions. Chiropractic: The Wellness Healthcare Choice will validate their decision to take a natural, holistic and preventive approach to their health.

Increase patient retention! The Best Reason to Continue Chiropractic Care will help your patients commit to greater health for themselves and their families for now and for the future.

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