Chiropractic Wellness: Health from within

New Redesign - updated with more informative content

B300 is NOW the B400
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Answer your patients’ most frequently asked questions with our Chiropractic Wellness booklet. 16 pages of fresh, lively images help bring to life the healthy message and important chiropractic information your patients need. - by Tedd Koren, D.C
(5.25” x 8.25”)

A must-have booklet.

  • Helps you connect with your patients
  • Educates and inspires patient commitment
  • Increases patient retention
  • Promotes referrals


  • What is Chiropractic? -New
  • Who Goes to the Chiropractic? - Updated content
  • Why Should I See a Chiropractor? - Updated content
  • Why is Chiropracitc Popular?
  • What Does a Chiropractor Do? - Updated content
  • What is a Subluxation? - Updated content
  • Where are My Subluxations? - Larger and easier to read
  • Do I Have Spinal Degeneration? 
  • How WillI I Feel After an Adjustment? - New
  • How is a Chiropractor Educated?
  • What is Chiroprctic Wellness?
  • Tips for a Healthy Long Life
  • Chiropractic References

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