Wellness Series Neuro-musculoskeletal EZ Practice Pack

If the focus of your practice is neuro-musculoskeletal issues, this is the set of brochures that will meet your needs. Don’t be surprised if your patients learn more than you expect! Fourteen copies of each 19 brochure titles in this pack (266 total) give you the opportunity to expand your patient education program right away. Easy for you ~ advanced education for your patients!

14 each of the following 19 titles:

EWACC - Accidents & Injuries
EWART - Arthritis & "Rheumatism"
EWCTS - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
EWDBS - Disc Problems & Back Surgery
EWFIB - Fibromyalgia
EWHDA - Headaches
EWHIP - Hip, Sacroiliac & Leg Problems
EWLBP - Low Back Pain
EWMCH - Migraines & Cluster Headaches
EWMST - Muscle Spasm & Trigger Points
EWNKP - Neck Problems
EWPNN - "Pinched" Nerves
EWSLP - Sciatica & Leg Pain
EWSCO - Scoliosis
EWSAH - Shoulder, Arm & Hand Problems
EWSDD - Spine & Disc Degeneration
EWSPR - Sports
EWTMJ - TMJ Syndrome
EWWNJ - Whiplash & Neck Injuries


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