Myth Busting Report: Focus on Gardasil: the cervical cancer vaccine

Gardasil™, Merck’s newest addition to the vaccine lineup, is all over our TV screens and in our print media. But is the message they’re proclaiming in their marketing blitz accurate? Would your patients be surprised to discover that according to the FDA Gardasil™ may increase the chances of getting cervical cancer?

Discover this and more in our up-to-the-minute Gardasil™ report. Government, industry and bio-medical research is revealed in this report. You and your patients may want to take a look behind the advertising headlines at the development, testing and income-generating potential of this new vaccine.

This is information your family, relatives, friends and patients desperately need to know before they participate in this latest medical experiment.

Provide a public service to your community with information succinctly presented that is not easily found elsewhere.

(8.5" x 11", 4 pages)

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