Myth Busting Report: Focus on Cancer: Is there a cure?


Why has cancer jumped from one in nine thousand to one in two in barely a hundred years?  What has changed in our environment?

Is cancer a death sentence or an opportunity to "clean up your act?" Is chemotherapy successful or does it cause cancer? Why do oncologists refuse chemo if they themselves have cancer?  Are there natural methods to get to the cause of cancer and dissolve tumors?

Is cancer how the body detoxifies?  Is cancer a defense mechanism protecting the body from immediate death?  Does a person diagnosed with cancer have time to explore the many options available?  What are the resources available?  What cancer cures are available?  Should people with cancer have chiropractic care?

Find out in one of our most powerful--and badly needed--Myth Busting Reports ever produced.  Your patients and their families will be very grateful for your supplying them with this valuable information that could save their lives... 

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