Wellness Series Philosophy EZ Practice Pack

Do you want your patients to understand chiropractic like you do? Do you want them to value your care and the far-reaching healing potential your care offers? Fourteen copies of each of the 9 brochure titles in this pack (126 total) give you the opportunity to expand your patient education program right away. Easy for you ~ advanced education for your patients!

14 each of the following 9 titles:

DEWAFA - After Your First Adjustment
DEWRET - Retracing/Your Body's Memory
DEWWIN - The Winsor Autopsies
DEWWDC - What Does A Chiropractor Do?
DEWWCA - What Is A Chiropractic Adjustment?
DEWWSB - What Is A Subluxation?
DEWWCH - What Is Chiropractic?
DEWWSG - Why Should I Go To A Chiropractor?
DEWYSS - Your Spine & Nervous System


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