Vaccination handout set

Open people's eyes to the dangers of vaccination. More and more patients are concerned about vaccines; they will be very grateful you are giving them information they may not get anywhere else in order to make an informed choice.


What’s really in a vaccine and what those chemicals do to a developing brain and immune system is what every parent and parent-to-be needs to know. Children today receive more vaccines than ever before yet childhood illnesses and chronic diseases are climbing higher and higher. Most parents have no idea how many vaccines their children receive and may not know of the documented risks. It is impossible for a biological stress to only cause either severe injury or to have no effects. The majority of vaccinated children will be hurt to a greater or lesser extent.


These handouts, giving “just the facts,” are perfect for initiating conversation and are an excellent patient education resource. 

Set includes 1 each of  DH20, DH40 and DH42.  Save 15%.

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