Vaccination Education Package - 12

Are you concerned about the risks of vaccinations? Make sure you and your loved ones are well informed before making this vital health decision.

Our vaccination education package includes:

1 book:
     eB376 Childhood Vaccination: Questions All Parents Should Ask (ebook)
1 each of the following Myth Busting Reports:
     MBV01 - Gardasil
     MBV02 - Childhood Vaccines
     MBV04 - Flu Shot
1 each of the following brochures: 
     DEVX03 - Vaccination: 18 Reasons to Just Say No
     DEFL07 - Do You Know What's In A Flu Shot?
1 each of the following vaccine handouts:
     DH20- Do You Know What's in a Vaccine?   
     DH40 - How Many Vaccinations Will Your Child Get?
     DH42 - Autism is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

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