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Tedd Koren, D.C. 
Founder of Koren Publications, Inc. and Developer of Koren Specific Technique (KST)

Dr. Koren, the developer of KST, is originally from Brooklyn, NY and after surviving public school studied at Brooklyn College and eventually graduated from the University of Miami (in Coral Gables, Florida). His professional education was at Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC where he graduated as class valedictorian with honors. He was also editor of the student and college newspapers and assistant chemistry instructor.

After graduation, Dr. Koren was instrumental in the founding of the ADIO Institute of Straight Chiropractic in greater Philadelphia, where he taught histology, neurology and chiropractic technique.

While doing post-graduate work with Lowell Ward, DC of Long Beach, CA, Dr. Koren began researching the relationship between posture and personality. His findings were published in the International Journal of Psychosomatics.

As a result of this research he organized a multi-disciplinary practice in downtown Philadelphia and somehow found time to have a weekly radio show on commercial radio.

Dr. Koren’s interest in patient education led to his founding of Koren Publications, Inc. as the premier chiropractic patient resource in the profession with over 100 million brochures, booklets, posters and books in distribution.

Dr. Koren is a popular speaker on the lecture circuit discussing health philosophy, research, chiropractic and chronic illness. After his son was born he began writing and lecturing on childhood immunization.

Koren Specific Technique (KST) was born after Dr. Koren was injured in an accident. “I suffered for ten long years, visiting chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, body workers of every stripe, with no lasting benefit. I continued to deteriorate. When I discovered what would later be called KST my ten years of suffering was completely relieved in a few days," said Dr. Koren.

“The goal of all healing is to remove interference to natural function: whether it be structural interference, emotional interference or toxic interference – so an individual can better connect to their optimal potential,” says Dr. Koren

Dr. Koren is married to Beth, who is also his business partner. They have two children, Seth and Shayna. They live in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. 

Koren Publications

“I began Koren Publications because I felt that the chiropractic profession deserved better quality, up-to-date bio-medically referenced patient literature to reflect our unique health and wellness approach,” said Dr. Tedd Koren, the founder of Koren Publications.

“I kept observing that too many people, including chiropractic patients, did not benefit from all that chiropractic had to offer because they did not know all it could offer. I had been writing about chiropractic for years for journals and began to tailor educational brochures specifically for today’s chiropractic consumer.

“I was relatively new in practice. I took out a loan, made space in my office closet and began Koren Publications. I was new to publishing and learned a lot about how this aspect of the business world worked.

“Koren Publications took the profession by storm. Our material was (and still is) colorful, exciting, educational, entertaining and very useful. It filled a badly needed void and continues to be in a class by itself,” says Dr. Koren.

Today Koren Publications, Inc. publishes chiropractic brochures, books, booklets, posters, stickers and many other products for patients as well as practitioners that chiropractors all over the world use.

“What is very gratifying are the calls, letters and e-mails we’ve received from chiropractic patients who were inspired to seek out chiropractic care for themselves and loved ones as a result of our materials. 

“And especially gratifying is hearing from chiropractic students who say they decided to become chiropractors after reading our literature in their doctor’s office,” says Dr. Koren.

“We’re still coming up with new products, new ideas, new ways to educate people and new ways to learn. People need us more than ever in this over-drugged, over-medicated society. Many have written saying we made a healthy difference in their lives and they thank us for getting this information out.”