Your Body ... The World's Greatest Drugstore

Written in 1976 by Tedd Koren for an assignment from Reggie Gold, DC, Your BodyThe World’s Greatest Drugstore became an instant classic! This BIG IDEA book continues to do what it was created to do – educate about the amazing healing power of the human body!

Your BodyThe World’s Greatest Drugstore is the piece that started it all for Koren Publications. Originally illustrated by Dr. Koren himself, our book conveys the same powerful message it always has in 26 colorful, redesigned pages.

Make it part of your patient education program today!

  $0.63 each  packs of 200
  $0.80 each packs of 100
  $1.30 each packs of 50
  $1.60 each packs of 25
  $3.00 each packs of 1
Qty: Price: Units:
1+ $3.00 eaches of 1
1+ $40.00 packs of 25
1+ $65.00 packs of 50
1+ $80.00 packs of 100
1+ $125.00 packs of 200

Qty: eaches of 1
Qty: packs of 25
Qty: packs of 50
Qty: packs of 100
Qty: packs of 200